What are the advantages of Ultratress hair extensions?

Ultratress hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume, highlights and more to your hair. In a short amount of time, you can have the look you desire.

What type of hair is used to make Ultratress hair extensions?

All of our Ultratress hair extensions are made using 100% Human Remi Hair. Our UltraClip Fantasy Colors are made using High Heat Fiber.

What is Remi hair?

It is the process in which the hair is prepared for the extensions. All hair cuticles are lying in the same direction, resulting in the fact that the extensions have a more natural appearance and have increased longevity.

How are Ultratress hair extensions applied?

Each type of Ultratress hair extension has its own unique, advanced application method:

Ultratress II – Pre-bonded Wefted Application
UltraStrands – Multi-Strand, Hot Fusion Application
UltraClips – are clipped in without any glue or heat treatment

How long do Ultratress hair extensions last?

The longevity of our Ultratress hair extensions varies depending on the type of hair extension used.

Ultratress II – 6-8 weeks with recommended maintenance
UltraStrands – 4+ months with recommended maintenance
UltraClips – Can be removed and used over again. With proper care, can last for years

How much do Ultratress Hair Extensions cost?

Ultratress costs vary greatly for a number of reasons. We can help you decide which of the three Ultratress methods is right for your hair and needs. Are you looking for a full head of extensions, or just highlight/low lights? What length do you want? And more! This is why we recommend you set up a consultation with our stylist to let them develop a custom service that fits your specific needs.

Can I use Ultratress to just add highlights or lowlights?

Yes. You can choose Ultratress II, UltraStrands, or Ultratress Clips, if you are just seeking to add highlights or lowlights to your hair. Get the hair you always wanted but never had. Try new styles that were never before possible. Get creative!

Can I use a hair dryer, hot rollers, curling iron, or flat iron?

Yes. Because our Ultratress hair extensions are made using 100% Remi human hair, you
can use styling tools to achieve the look you want. Our UltraClips Fantasy Colors are made of synthetic
fiber and therefore cannot be styled with blowers or hot irons.

Will Ultratress hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Our Ultratress hair extensions are designed to cause minimal or no damage to your natural hair, while helping you achieve the look you want and length you desire.

How do I care for my Ultratress hair extensions?

We have a complete line of hair care products to fully satisfy this very need.

Can I remove Ultratress hair extensions myself?

No. Our Ultratress hair extensions must be removed by a certified stylist.

Can I reuse Ultratress hair extensions?

Yes, Ultratress II, and UltraClips can be used again.

I’ve never tried extensions. How do I know if they’re for me?

Ultratress hair extensions are the healthiest extension system available, and can be applied to most types of hair.

Do I need to set up a consultation appointment before getting hair extensions?

We highly recommend a consultation with our certified Ultratress stylist who will analyze your hair to determine the color, type and quantity of extensions recommended to achieve your desired look.

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